Our Mission


NADVA is a non-profit, consumer protection organization with the mission to promote inherent diminished value (DV) awareness, while advancing professional auto DV appraisal standards. We accomplish our mission through public education, training seminars, certification programs, and hands-on training.

NADVA’s DV calculator provides a fast, online claim estimate. Our software was developed by professionally certified vehicle appraisers with decades of experience in vehicle damage evaluation and value assessment. Checkout the following online resources:

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    Certification Course
    The NADVA Diminished Value Appraiser Certification Program was developed to certify the standards and training programs of diminished value appraisal providers. Unlike other auto appraisal training systems, this program allows the auto appraisal employer to conduct in-house recertification of appraisers, using its own...
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3 Types of Diminished Value

Inherent DV
This is the automatic and unavoidable loss of market value simply due to the fact than a motor vehicle has been involved in an accident. It’s often mandatory that previous damage is made known to a prospective buyer.
Insurance Related DV
This comes to pass due to oversights or omissions by the insurance company on their appraisal. And also, because of the use of “Imitation Replacement” parts.
Repair Related DV
This is the amount which the motor vehicle was depreciated due to improper or incomplete repairs, poor quality repairs, or un-repaired items that were compensated for within the insurance appraisal.

What is Diminished Value?

Diminution in Value, or commonly referred to as “DV” are the terms generally used to describe the economic loss in a property’s value as a result of having been damaged.
Know your rights if you’ve been in an auto accident. You may be entitled to compensation from the at-fault insurance company for your vehicle’s DV. DV is the automatic loss in value from a collision. Almost every vehicle that has been in a wreck will have some form of inherent DV.

It has been estimated that 75% of consumers would not buy a car that had been in an accident. 91% would not have a car that had been in a crash unless they were given a significantly large discount. NADVA Certified Appraisal reports show this stigma to be even higher.