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If you are a current member of NADVA, please return to the Home page and click on “Sign-In” in the upper right hand corner of the website. If you don’t know your username and password, instructions can be found there.



Professional: ($100) To qualify as a Professional Member, an individual must: (1) Be a direct, active, seasonal or retired individual, including a owner, manager or equivalent, who has worked in the capacity as an automotive appraiser, (2) Have worked a minimum of eight hours annually for a respective service, or be retired from the service, having worked in the service fifteen (15) years or more and maintained membership, in good standing, in the NADVA; and, (3) Pay annual dues to the national organization as prescribed by the Board of Directors.

Perpetual: ($1,000) Perpetual Members pay dues once and enjoy the benefits of NADVA membership without interruption for their entire lifetime. To qualify as a Perpetual Member, an individual must meet all of the requirements of a Professional Member (above) or of an Alumnus Member (below), but after this single payment, Perpetual Members never pay dues again.

Alumnus Member: ($50) To qualify as an Alumnus Member, an individual must: (1) Have previously been a Professional Member; and, (2) Be currently ineligible for Professional Member status.

Associate Member: ($30) Any individual who does not otherwise qualify as a member and who desires to support and obtain membership in the NADVA is eligible to be an Associate Member.

Corporate Member: ($1200) The NADVA allows corporations to become Corporate Members, upon application and a review by the NADVA. Membership is contingent upon approval of the NADVA, in our sole discretion. Corporate membership is governed by the Corporate Membership Agreement. Corporate members may identify themselves as a NADVA Corporate Member, receive the right to limited use of the NADVA logo, and are offered several additional benefits listed in the Corporate Membership Agreement.

NOTE: The NADVA membership year begins on July 1st each year and expires on the following June 30th, regardless of the date on which you initially join. The annual membership fee is NOT pro-rated when signing up throughout the year, but we do have a 90-day grace period in advance of each membership year. This means that if you sign-up anytime after April 1st in a given year, you will be enrolled in the UPCOMING membership year.

For questions or more information, please contact the NADVA Membership Chair at:

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